Summer Read is the pen name of an author whose real name is nice, and Southern, but it lacks the perfect fit for these books and the memorable ring of "Summer Read."

"Summer" has lived in the city, in the suburbs, in the county, and out in the country, all over the South.

Summer has many interests, reads voraciously, travels, though no longer internationally (it got so expensive), and keeps up with many friends, old, and young, and just all over the place.

Summer grew up with lots of animals (had a devoted dog who died in 2016), and may someday get another dog (and a horse?).

Before enjoying the creation of romance novels Summer wrote epic long serious literary novels, which, are no longer in fashion.

Summer finds inspiration everywhere, but some of these books were written by request.

Watch this space because Summer is prolific. You won't want to miss out on a great story, perhaps set in your state or town or in a genre you love.

Summer Read's books are different but you know there will be romance and you know it will all turn out well in the end.